Hypnosis Girl

Hypnosis Girl and the Secrets of Hypnotism

It doesn’t matter how you got here to w4m or why.  The fact is you are here now and the hypnosis girl doubtlessly has the secrets of hypnotism and hypnosis girl you’ve been secretly seeking for.  The secrets of hypnotism are here in this w4m hypno girl story of hypnosis girl.

Master the Secrets of Hypnotism

secrets of hypnotism and hypnosis girl

Hypno Girl

Young but very competent and extremely beautiful, hypnosis girl Gina has finished first in her class in everything including the study of secret hypnotism.  Despite her competence and beauty, hypnosis girl has still had an uphill climb to this position in charge of the advance sales team.  The CEO was one of the good ole boys and his current opinion was that every girl should be someone’s little woman.  But Gina did know the secrets of hypnotism, or at least hypnosis believed that she knew secret hypnosis well enough to seduce the CEO into doing what she wanted.  Hypnosis girl considered herself as a hypnosis girl and that mind control had served her well so far in life.

Seduce the Girl

How best do I seduce the girl?  As they walked, Micheal strained at suppressing a fervent desire to watch every move the hypno girl made.  This was a hypno situation where an undue display of spatial mindfulness might seem suspicious.  He fixed his eyes instead on hypnosis girl’s eyes.  Looking at the hypnosis girl was also quite a lovely view. I must seduce hypnosis girl.

“The subliminal advertizing display will be just there.”  Hypnosis girl Gina indicated.  The hypno girl spun suddenly to describe for the CEO where his sales team would be located.  Hypnosis girl caught the eyes of the new guy on her again. He flashed a tempting smile before the hypnosis girl continued in her detached manner. ‘What does he know about the secrets of hypnotism?’ The hypno girl wondered.

seduce hypnosis girl

Hypnosis Girl

Hypnosis girl observed the absence of a ring on Micheal’s finger.  Then hypnosis girl caught one fleeting turbulence that contrasted the man’s otherwise unimpassioned demeanor.  Could he perceive that as loneliness or perhaps a similar factor?  Hypnosis girl had been looking at the w4m guy when that conflicting emotional event occurred. Hypnosis girl smiled inwardly.  The incubator of her intellect took that seed of potential insight and began to germinate a promising scheme.

Should he seduce the girl now or later? As an unconscious indicator of the focused assiduousness that hypnosis girl devoted to the secrets of hypnotism, her mind tested the state of his susceptibility to hypnosis as they walked.

One for Hypnosis Girl

‘I will seduce the girl.’ Micheal continued as he was doing and he turned up his w4m seductive assault on hypnosis girl.

hypno seduce hypnosis girl“In the unlikely event of an unforeseen occurrence, I’ve set up a subliminal presentation and an alternative.”  Gina continued her sales spiel but her curiosity was still drawn to the new guy and even more than it was before. ‘What is he doing that I’m unaware of?’ Hypnosis girl wondered in her mind again. It seemed the tables were being turned on her. While hypnosis girl thought she was well versed in the secrets of hypnotism, hypno girl had become the desired object in the mind of a w4m master at secret hypnotism. And this hypnotism story of hypnosis girl was just starting to play out.

Hypnosis girl will continue at w4m…

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